Anne Rice - v1, Lasher

More and more she kept her journal in narrative form

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Unformatted text preview: breasts was all "5 that he really wanted. He ate the food because she thought he should. She believed his body must require the nutrients. And she wondered what the nursing was taking out of her, if it was the reason she felt so weak, so listless. Ordinary mothers felt that, a great slothful ease, or so they had told her. The small aches and the pains had begun. She asked him to talk of a time before the Mayfair Witches, of the most remote and alien things he could recall. He spoke of chaos, dark- ness, wandering, having no limit. He spoke of having no organized memory. He spoke of his consciousness beginning to organize itself with . . . with ... "Suzanne," she said. He looked at her blankly. Then he said yes, and he spun off the whole line of the Mayfair Witches in a melody: Suzanne, Deborah, Charlotte, Jeanne Louise, Angelique, Marie Claudette, Marguerite, Katherine, Julien, Mary Beth, Stella, Antha, Deirdre, Rowan!" He accompanied her to the local branch of the Swiss Bank and she arranged for more funds, setting up routes so the...
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