Anne Rice - v1, Lasher

Moss above soft moss hanging down and the moon

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Unformatted text preview: uot; Meantime, night and day the vision of the Cathedral haunted me. I saw the grassy hills, sometimes I saw a castle as if I were looking through a clear piece of a stained-glass window. I saw the glen, and the mist. And some vast and unsupportable horror would overtake the memory. It would blot out all sense. And I could get no further with it. Pain. I knew pain when I tried. I knew pain unthinkable. I did not attempt to discuss this with the villain. And as for what he learnt while he was I ... this seemed a matter of pure sensuality. He guzzled, he danced, he laid waste, he fought. But there were times when he despaired afterwards. / must be flesh myself, he would lament. There is also some evidence that when he walked in my shoes, he accumulated information. But as always, he did not seem to be able to do anything with this information. But this information would come out of him in great enthusiastic volleys. We spoke of the changing times, for instance, of the railroads and how they had eroded the river trade; we spoke of chang...
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