Anne Rice - v1, Lasher

Mothers and babies shed said as they went through the

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Unformatted text preview: cades. You can appeal to the Elders. Surely there is some way under such circumstances . . ." Aaron smiled in a cold, knowing way. "Your expectations are higher than mine, Yuri," he said. The pretty gray-haired woman had left the porch and was coming towards them. Small-boned, with delicate wrists, she wore her simple flaring silk dress with grace. Her ankles were as slender and well- shaped as those of a girl. "Aaron," she said in a soft scolding whisper. Her hands flew out, youthful, dainty, covered with rings, and clasped Aaron by the shoul- ders, and then she gently kissed his cheek. Aaron nodded to her in quiet understanding. "Come inside with us," said Aaron to Yuri. "They need us now. We'll talk later on." His face had changed dramatically. Now that Stolov was gone, he appeared more serene, more like himself. The house was filled with good rich cooking smells, and a high tempestuous mingle of voices. The laughter was loud, bursting, the merry ecstatic kind of laughter of people at a wake...
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