Anne Rice - v1, Lasher

My antha wait dont fall as he rose up to his full

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Unformatted text preview: tches, who would dance and fornicate, hoping for the blood to come together, for like to find like, and that the Taltos will be born. "That is witchcraft, Brother. That is what it has always been- bring together the drunken women, so that they will risk death to make the Taltos. That is the old story of the revels in these dark glens. It is to make a race of giants who will, by sheer numbers, drive other mortals from the earth." "God would not let such a thing happen," I said calmly. "Neither will the people of the valley!" said the Dutchman. "Don't you understand? Throughout the centuries they have waited and watched and used the Taltos. It is good luck to them to bring together male and female, but only for their own cruel rituals!" "I don't know what you are saying. I am not this thing." "In my house in Amsterdam there are a thousand books which will tell you of your kind and other miraculous beings; there is all the knowledge we...
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