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My little man i am a little man said yuri squaring his

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Unformatted text preview: lf, and wonder- ing if he dared leave Rome. The gypsies had been headed to Naples. Maybe they were gone. Sometimes he hung about the hotel corridors, eating what he could from the leftovers on the room service trays set outside the doors. But things became easier and easier; He learnt to ask about sleeping the night through in a clean bed before he made his little deals. One sweet gray-haired American man bought him a camera simply because he inquired about such things, and a Frenchman gave him a portable radio, saying he was tired of carrying it around. Two young Arabs bought him a heavy sweater in an English import shop. By the tenth day of his new freedom, his paper wealth was becom- ing too cumbersome for him. His pockets were bulging. He had even worked up his nerve to go into a fine restaurant at noon and order a meal for himself alone. "Mamma says I'm to eat my spinach," he said to the waiter in his best Italian. "You have spinach?"-knowing full well that the spinach is one of the nicest things in a Roman restaurant, barely cooked as it is so that it is not bitter. The t...
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