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No body ever noticed because nobody ever took a

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Unformatted text preview: ot;Other species." "Exactly. This thing climbed its own evolutionary ladder. It is not alien to us. It evolved from the same primal soup. But its DNA is much more complex. If you took its double helix and flattened it out, it would be twice the length of that of a human being. The creature seems- superficially at least-to have carried up the ladder with it all kinds of similarities to lower life forms which we as humans no longer have. I've only begun to break it down. That's the problem." "Can you work any faster? Can you find out more." "Lark, this isn't only a matter of speed. We're just beginning to understand the human genome-what's a junk gene and real gene. How can we break down the genotype of this thing? It has ninety-two chromosomes, by the way-that's double the number of a normal human being. The makeup of its cell membranes is obviously very different from ours, but how I can't tell you, since I can't tell you very much about our own cell membranes since nobody knows what they're made of, either. That's the dominant theme here. The limits of...
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