Anne Rice - v1, Lasher

No condominium tow ers in those days no goofy golf

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Unformatted text preview: "I'm going to drive up. I'll be there before you wake up." And she felt so weak suddenly, so irrationally incapable of moving until he came there, until she saw him come through the door. "Now, lock up the house tight, please," he said, "and go to sleep. I'll bet you're sacked out on the couch and everything's open . . ." "This is Destin, Ryan." "Lock up, make sure the gun is in the chest by the bed, and please, please, please set the alarm." The gun, good Lord! "As if I'd use it with you not here." "That's when you need it, darling, when I'm not there." She smiled again, remembering Mona. Bang, bang, bang. Kisses. They still blew kisses to each other before they rang off. The first time she had kissed him, she was fifteen, and they were "in love," and later Alicia said, when Mona was born: "You're lucky. You love your Mayfair. I married mine 'cause of this!" Gifford wished she had taken Mona, then and there...
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