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No its never happened in history has it that the

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Unformatted text preview: quot; "I don't know. There is so much aching." He began to kiss her. He took some milk between his fingers and put it on her lips; she sighed. She said it tasted like water. In Geneva, everything was planned, down to the last detail. The most obvious choice for their final destination was the city of Houston, Texas. Reason? There were, very simply, hospitals and medi- cal centers everywhere. Every form of medical research went on in Houston. She would find a building perhaps for them, some medical space now vacant due to the oil depression. Houston was overbuilt. It had three downtowns, they said. No one could find them there. Money was no obstacle. Her large transfers were safe in the giant Swiss Bank. She had only to set up some sort of dummy accounts in California and in Houston. She lay in bed, his fingers tight around her wrist, thinking Houston, Texas, only one hour by air from home. "Only one hour." "Yes, they'll never guess," he said. "You might as well have taken us to th...
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