Anne Rice - v1, Lasher

No one talking on the phone empty darkness and then

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Unformatted text preview: n milk. She ached for Mother, ached to nurse. And look, because he'd made the tiny baby die in her, he'd made her have milk. Well, it would go away, especially if he would stop doing it to her. But what if it didn't? It was all right. When she came together with Father at the Beginning, she would need milk, breasts heavy with milk. Out of her loins would come all the children, hungry, beautiful children, until the glen was filled once again, as it had been, after they were driven from the island. She turned around and went down on her knees and lifted the milk bottle. The music almost knocked her over. Almost made her not know up from down. She drank and drank until there was no more. "Gee, honey, you sure do like your milk." "Oh yes, very much," she said. Then she could not remember what he had just said. The music. Turn down the music. He was pushing her down on the floor. "Let's do it again, honey." "OK," she said, "but I will just bleed some...
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