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Nobody in that house practically speaking but her man

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Unformatted text preview: he drank her nightly glass of port, nothing could wake her up. Nobody in that house-practically speaking-but her man. And now that Mona knew the history of the Mayfair Witches-now that she had finally got her hands on Aaron Lightner's long document-there was no keeping her out of First Street any longer. Of course she had her questions about what she'd read; thirteen witches descended from a Scottish village called Donnelaith where the first, a poor cunning woman, had been burnt at the stake in 1659. It was just the kind of juicy history you dreamed about having. Well, she did anyway. But there had been things in that long family tale that had special meaning for her, and the long account of Oncle Julien's life had been the most intriguing part of all. Even Mona's very own Aunt Gifford was far away from New Or- leans tonight, in her house in Destin, Florida, hiding from everyone and everything, and worrying about the entire clan. Gifford had begged the family not to go up to the house for Mardi Gras. Poor Aunt Gifford. She had banned the Talamasca History of the...
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