Anne Rice - v1, Lasher

Not these these mock buildings of stucco and glue

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Unformatted text preview: ever a baby that people wanted to hold. Mary Beth had always known that Julien had been Laura Lee's father. And how the others had hated her. "Julien's spawn, look at her, with the witch's mark on her hand, look, like you!" It wasn't so bad, just a tiny extra finger. Why, most people had never noticed it, though Laura Lee had been so self-conscious, and no one at Sacred Heart knew what it meant. "The mark of the witch," Tobias used to say. "There are many. Red hair is the worst, and a sixth finger the second, and a monster's height, the third. And you with the sixth finger. Go live up at First Street, live with the damned who gave you your talents. Get out of my house." Of course she had never gone, not with Carlotta there! Better to ignore the old men as she and her little daughter went about their business. Laura Lee had been too sickly ever to finish high school. Poor Laura Lee, who spent her life taking in stray cats, and talking to them, and going round the block to find them and feed them, u...
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