Anne Rice - v1, Lasher

Not to watch and wait and collect knowledge but just

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Unformatted text preview: id the ox and the lamb and donkey before the little Christ. Come forward, my faithful ones. It is almost time." Everywhere I saw rapt faces; I saw the grace of God in every expression. And only a glimpse of a small deformed woman, peering at me from beneath a heavy wrap of coarse cloth. I saw her bright eye, I saw her toothless smile, and then she had vanished, and the crowd closed around her as if, among the press of the tall ones, she had gone unseen. Only a common thing, I thought. And if there be little people, then they are of the Devil, and the Light of Christ must come and drive them out. 539 I closed my eyes, folded my hands together so that they would make a small church of their own, very narrow and high, and I began in a soft voice to sing the plaintive beautiful Advent hymn: Oh come, Oh come, Emmanuel And ransom captive Israel That mourns in lonely exile here Until the Son of God appear . . . Voices joined me, voices and the melancholy sound of flutes, and the tapping of tambourines, and...
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