Anne Rice - v1, Lasher

Nothing was disturbed said ryan nothing was missing

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Unformatted text preview: ered and roared. "Taltos! Taltos! Make another. Make a woman, make Taltos until the sun rises!" 549 "No, stop this!" I cried, but this newborn horror, this baffled child, this strange wavering giant, had covered the hag of a woman and was now raping her as surely as I had done. And another hag had been brought to me and placed before me, and I was being forced down upon her, and my organ knew her, and knew what it wanted, and knew the smell. Where were my saints? It seemed the people in the hall were stamping and singing, chant- ing now with the drums. All were one voice, monotonous and low and incessant. And when I was pulled back, my eyes rolled and I could not see. The wine was splashed in my face, a child was being born to this new woman who had been given me, and once again the people cried, "Taltos, Taltos, Taltos!" And finally, "It is a woman! We have them both!" The hall went wild with lusty cries. Once more the people were dancing but not...
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