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Now because you ask me i must tell you this could go

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Unformatted text preview: l it. That had been Julien's message. You will have one more chance. LASHER And as soon as he could leave this bedside without worrying, as soon as he really knew that Rowan was stable, he'd go looking for it himself. It had failed to couple with its daughters . . . the Mayfair Witches. It had chosen those who did possess the extra chromosomes, but the births had failed. How had he known his brides-by scent, perhaps, or something visible which others didn't see? For massive irregularities had been found in Gifford and in Alicia, and in Edith, and in the two cousins in Houston. Would he now seek a mate at random? Who could know. Michael was in terror of the news-another rash of inexplicable deaths. An unknown disease surfacing suddenly in the headlines. Women on slabs in Dallas or Oklahoma City, or New York. Imagine it, this tall blue-eyed creature, bringing death with his embrace. For without exception, his deadly semen had caused them to ovulate in- stantly, for the egg then to be fertilized and for the embryo to grow out of control. A...
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