Anne Rice - v1, Lasher

Now do it shed said to david who hadnt needed any more

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Unformatted text preview: her panties without getting dirty. "Now do it!" she'd said to David, who hadn't needed any more encouragement, or direct orders, by that time at all. She'd stared past him at the cold cloudy sky, at a single visible star, and then let her eyes move up the wall of little rectangular tombstones to the name: Deirdre Mayfair. Then David had finished. Just like that. "You're not afraid of anything," he had said after. "Like I'm supposed to be afraid of you?" She'd sat up, cheated, having not even pretended to enjoy it, overheated and really not much liking her cousin David, but still satisfied that it had been done. Mission accomplished, she would write in her computer later, in the secret directory \ WS\ MONA \ AGENDA, where she deposited all her confessions of the triumphs she could not share with anyone in the world. No one could crack her computer system, not even Uncle Ryan or Cousin Pierce, each of whom she had caught, at various times, firing up her system,...
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