Anne Rice - v1, Lasher

Now here michael i face a clear choice i can tell you

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Unformatted text preview: s- cussed this before. "Because," I said, "the Devil has more important things to do if he exists at all, and on the point of his existence at all I am not certain." "Where did you get an idea there was no Devil?" "Rousseau," I said. "His philosophy argues that the worst evil is in man." "Well," she said, "read some more before you make up your mind." And that was the end of that part of it. But before she died, which was not so long after that at all, she told me many things about this spirit. It killed through fright mostly. In the form of a man, it startled coachmen and riders at night, causing them to veer off the road and into the swamps; and sometimes it even frighted the horses as well as the men, which was proof that it was indeed material. It could be sent to stalk a mortal man or woman, and tell in its own childish way what that person had done all the livelong day, but one had to interpret its peculiar expressions carefully. It could steal, of course, small things mostly, though sometimes whole banknotes for considerable amounts. And it could come into mortals for a bit of time, to see through their eyes and feel through their hands, but this was never long-lasting. Indeed the battle left it fa...
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