Anne Rice - v1, Lasher

Now how do i escape i thought i felt fear for my

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Unformatted text preview: is thing, to stop it. That I was the one who was counted upon for that." Aaron appeared to be intrigued. "Where's your friend Yuri?" asked Michael. "He's still on good terms with us, isn't he?" "Absolutely," said Aaron. "He's up at the Amelia Street house again. He's trying again, through Mona's computer. Mona said he could use her computer to contact the Elders, but the Elders are not acknowledging his pleas for clarification. It's all rather terrible for him, I think." "But not for you." Aaron was thoughtful for a moment, then he said, "No . . . Not as much . . ." "Good," said Michael. "Julien was suspicious of the Talamasca, I guess you got that from my note. Julien had more to say on it ... but it all came down to the same thing-this creature is treacherous and deceitful; and it has to be destroyed. I'll kill it as soon as I can." Aaron seemed fascinated by this. "But what if you had it in your power? What if you had it contained where it couldn't . . .&q...
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