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Now there is danger in this situation of an

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Unformatted text preview: Arthur Langtry-both of whom died as the result of their contact. What can you do?" Aaron reluctantly agreed. Indeed, it had been a conversation of reconciling himself to the state of things. He mentioned that David and Anton were probably right to keep him out of the action, that Anton had inherited his position from David, and David had known the whole story. Nevertheless it was hard. "I'm not sure about the merits of a life of watching from the side- lines," Aaron said. "I'm not sure at all. Perhaps I have always been waiting for a moment, and now the moment is at hand." This was strange, strange talk from Aaron. Yuri was deeply dis- turbed by it. But he had two new assignments from Anton, and off he went to India and then to Bali to photograph certain places and per- sons, and he was busy all the while, enjoying his wanderings as he always had. It was not till mid-January that Yuri heard from Aaron again. Aaron wanted Yuri to go to Donnelaith in Scotland, to discover whether or not a...
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