Anne Rice - v1, Lasher

Now there may come a time when th body cannot do this

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Unformatted text preview: you return to the house alone. I should have trusted my own conscience. Dear God, it's the old dilemma." Aaron's entire loyalty to the Tala- masca was now in question. Thank God that he loved Beatrice, that she loved him. What would become of a man like that, cast out of the Talamasca? Hell, the handsome gypsy with the jet-black eyes and the golden skin was young. He closed his eyes. He knew the nurse was fiddling with the IV again. He could hear her, and hear the little beeps which came from the electronic control. How he hated these machines, machines which had surrounded him in the cardiac unit for so long. And now she lay there at their mercy, she who had taken so many people through the techno-medical vale of tears. Whatever happened, she had suffered for it unspeakably, and he had made his vow. When that thing was found, he would kill it. Nobody would stop him. He would kill it. He would not hesitate for the sake of any legal or religious authority, or any family pressure or any moral qualm. He would kil...
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