Anne Rice - v1, Lasher

Of course i enjoyed these years i did no one in this

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Unformatted text preview: t I left the man in peace. I had what I wanted. I knew now the thing had once lived; it was full of vengeance! It was a ghost. LASHER And I felt I had the proof of it in all this, and all that I had ever known, and as I walked home alone up the hill from the old man's house, I kept repeating these details to myself, and thinking, What does it mean that this devil has attached himself to us! That he would be flesh. What does it mean? But above all how can I use this name to destroy him? When I came into my rooms, Mary Beth was already home and asleep on the couch there, and Lasher was standing beside her. He was in his very old garb of rawhide clothing, hair longish, which I had not seen in years, and he was smiling at me. For one moment, I was so struck by his vivid quality and his beauty that I did nothing but stare at him. And this he loved; it was as if I were giving him water to drink, you see. And he grew brighter and more distinct. "You think you know, but you know nothing," he said,...
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