Anne Rice - v1, Lasher

Of course i faulted myself for imagining it but the

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Unformatted text preview: d, for there were not thousands of warm bodies within the Cathedral, and the dark winter was right against the glass. "You are Ashlar, my son. There is no doubt of it. Now tell me what you remember of your birth." I didn't want to answer. A horrid shame came over me when I thought of my mother crying in fear, when I thought of her hands pushing at me trying to make me go away from her, and my lips closing on the nipple and drinking the milk. I didn't answer him. "Father, tell me who is Ashlar, tell me what I am meant to do." "Very well, my son, I will tell you. You are to be sent to Italy, you are to be sent to the house of our Order in the town of Assisi, and there to study to be a priest." I considered this but in truth it meant nothing to me. "Now in this land good priests are persecuted," he said. "Outside this valley are rebellious followers of the King and others, the rabid Lutherians and countless other rabble that would destroy us and de- stroy our great c...
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