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Unformatted text preview: h my tearful mother, having breakfast. Ah, the point is this: I learned from everything, and there was plenty to learn from. My principal tutor in those first three years of life was in fact my mother's coachman, Octavius, a free man of color and a Mayfair by five different lines of descent from the early ones through their various black mistresses. Octavius was then only eighteen or so, and more fun than anyone else on the plantation. My witch powers did not so much frighten him, and when he wasn't telling me to hide them from every- body else, he was telling me how to use them. I learnt from him for example how to reach people's thoughts even when they meant to keep them inside, and how to give them sugges- tions without words, which they invariably obeyed! And how even to force my will with subtle words and gestures on another. I learnt also from him how to cast spells, making the entire world around appear to change for myself and for others who were with me. I also learnt many erotic tricks, for as many children are, I was erotically mad at age three and then four, and would...
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