Anne Rice - v1, Lasher

On all accounts evelyn always agreed with mona though

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Unformatted text preview: ntil the neigh- bors complained. She'd been too old by the time she married; and to be left with those two girls! Were we the powerful witches, those of us who bore the mark of the sixth finger? What about Mona with her red hair? As the years passed the great Mayfair legacy had gone to Stella and then to Antha and then to Deirdre . . . All of them lost, who had lived in the times of shadows. Even the bright blaze of Stella pinched out, like that! "But there will come another time. A time of battle and catastro- phe." That Julien had promised her the last night she had really spoken with him. "That's the meaning of your poem, Evelyn. I shall try to be here." The music whined and thumped. He was always playing it. "You see, Cherie, I have a secret about him and music. He cannot hear us so well when we play music. It's an old secret, my grandmere Marie Claudette told me herself. "The evil daemon is actually drawn to the music. Music can distract him. He can hear music when he can hear nothing el...
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