Anne Rice - v1, Lasher

On and on she drank he was laughing he had turned up

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Unformatted text preview: eam. They had so reverently left it when they refurbished. Just that one old panel, the chimney panel. All the rest of the room was fresh and new, surrounding the high antique bed with swaddling comfort. She lay as before, light glinting in her motionless eyes. This evening around eight, they had run all the grams again, as he called them. Electroencephalo and electrocardio and so forth and so on. Her heartbeat was no stronger than it had been when she was first found. Her brain was as dead as a brain can get and still have life in it. Her soft, delicate face with its beautiful cheekbones was a bit more ruddy. She didn't have the dried-out look anymore. He could see the result of the fluids, especially around her eyes, and in her normal- looking hands. Mona said it didn't look like Rowan. It was Rowan. Pray you are in some soft and beautiful valley, safe from knowing. Pray our thoughts can't touch you. Only our comforting hands. They had put a big rose-colored wing chair in the corner for him,...
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