Anne Rice - v1, Lasher

Once again it answered me war on me and i destroy all

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Unformatted text preview: few oil lamps and candles, brought everything to an early halt, and finally only silence. It must have been past midnight when I awoke. I don't recall the face of the clock; only the feeling of deep night, and that it was spring and that I wanted to push through the netting which surrounded our bed and walk outside and talk to the moon and stars for a while. Well, I managed to sit up and there before me was the thing itself, sitting on the side of the bed, and it reached out its white hand for me. I did not scream. There was no time. For all at once I felt the stroke of its fingers on my cheek and it felt good to me. Then it seemed the air around me made a caress, and the thing, having dissolved, was kissing me with invisible lips and touching me and filling my body with whatever pleasure it could feel at so young an age, which, as you probably remember, was something! 261 After it was finished with me, and I lay there, a little puddle of baby juice beside my mother's sleeping body, I saw it material...
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