Anne Rice - v1, Lasher

Only two traps never enough to drive you crazy pierce

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Unformatted text preview: d her naked arms. The man stood still, staring up at Emaleth. "Get her a towel, Jerome, don't stand there. Get this girl a towel. Get her some clothes. Child, what happened to your clothes? Where are your clothes? Did something bad happen to you?" Emaleth had never heard voices quite like these, of the brown peo- ple. They had a musical note in them that the other people's voices didn't have. They rose and fell in a distinctly different pattern. The whites of their eyes were not purely white, these people. They had a faint yellowish cast to them that went better with their beautiful 373 brown skin. Even Father did not have this kind of soft ringing quality to his words. Father had said, "You will be born knowing all you need to know. Do not let anything frighten you." "Be kind to me," said Emaleth. "Jerome, get the clothes!" The woman had taken a big wad of paper off a roll and was blotting Emaleth's shoulders and arms with them. Emaleth took the wad of paper and wiped her face. Hmmmm. This paper felt r...
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