Anne Rice - v1, Lasher

Or letting loose long strings of curses on lasher for

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Unformatted text preview: were the three nurses, sitting, writing away, in an island of light surrounded by high wooden counters, one of them whispering on a phone as she wrote, the others seemingly in deep concentration. LASHER No one noticed as Mona walked past the station and passed into the narrow corridor. The smell was very strong here. "Jesus Christ, don't tell me this," Mona whispered. She glanced at the doors to her left and her right. But the smell told her before she even saw the chart that said "Alicia (CeeCee) Mayfair." The door was ajar, and the room was dark; its one window opened upon an airwell. Blank wall stared in through the glass at the still woman, lying with her head to the wall, beneath the white covers. A small digital machine recorded the progress of the IV-a plastic sack of glucose, clear as glass, feeding down through a tiny tube into the woman's right hand, beneath a mass of tape, the hand itself flat on the white blanket. Mona stood very still, then pushed open the door. She p...
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