Anne Rice - v1, Lasher

Ought to do you a big favor and throw this junk in

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Unformatted text preview: from her, and sank deeper into a murmuring sleep. She slipped into the room. His diary was on the bedside table. She knew it by the cover; she had seen him writing in it this very night. Oh, it was unconscionable to look into it. She couldn't do it, but how she wanted just to glimpse a few words. What if she just took a little peek? Rowan, come back to me. I'm waiting. With a silent sigh she let it close. Look at all the bottles of pills. They were bombing him with this stuff. She knew most of the names because they were common and other old Mayfairs had taken them often enough. Blood pressure medi- cines mostly, and then Lasix, that evil diuretic which probably pulled all the potassium out of him the way it had out of Alicia, when she'd straightened up and tried to lose weight, and three other dangerous- sounding potions that were probably what made him look all the time like he was trying to wake up. Ought to do you a big favor and throw this junk in the garbage for you, she thought. What you need is Mayfair Witches' Brew. When she got home, she'd look up all these drugs in one of the bi...
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