Anne Rice - v1, Lasher

Our lord jesus christ is the jack of the green he is

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Unformatted text preview: , unable to lay hands on him, unable to do him harm. In all my life of twenty years or more I had never struck another. I could not do violence. I wept, and I fled. 523 "You come with me now," he cried, trying to catch up with me. "I can make all provisions for the journey. You have no cherished objects, no personal possessions. You carry your breviary with you. You need nothing else. Come. We will go to Amsterdam together and when you are safe, I will tell you the truth." "I will not!" I said. "Amsterdam! A stronghold of the heretics! You are speaking of hell by another name." I turned around. "What are you saying? That I am not a mortal man?" Again, he was frightened as I leant over him, but he was powerfully built and he took a stand. "You have a body which can deceive others," he said, "but no one can speak for your soul. In the most ancient legends, it was said your kind had no souls to be converted, no souls to be sa...
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