Anne Rice - v1, Lasher

Out of her body it slithered growing taller and

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Unformatted text preview: u are the Taltos, that you were born knowing, and not she. That she was a mewling child like all the rest. She is but a woman-like your mother-who might give birth to such a miracle, or may never. It is unknown. The little people are sad and easily placated; they are old and common monsters, they have always lived in the mountains and the valleys of Ireland and Scotland; they will be here when men are gone. They do not matter." "But what is the Taltos, Father!" I demanded. "Is this an old and common monster, this Taltos? Whence comes this thing?" He bowed his head, and gestured that I should listen: "Against the Romans we protected this valley, when we were war- riors of old and gathered the big stones! We protected it against the Danes, the Norsemen and the English as well." "Aye," cried my sister, "and once we protected it from the Taltos when they fled their island and sought to hide from the armies of the Romans in this glen!" My father turned...
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