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People wanted to know would david remain an elder

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Unformatted text preview: e Elders were in fact all around himy rank and file members of the Order, but nobody knew who they were. It worked like this. Once you became an Elder, you didn't tell anybody that you were. And it was forbidden to ask a person, "Are you an Elder?" or, "Do you know whether or not Aaron is an Elder?" It was forbidden to speculate on such matters in one's mind. The Elders knew who the Elders were. The Elders communicated with everyone via the computers and the fax machines in the Mother- house. Indeed, any member, even an unofficial member like Yuri, could talk to the Elders whenever he chose. In the dead of night, he could boot up his computer, write a long letter to the Elders, and sometime later that very morning an answer would come to him through the computer printer, flowing out page after page. This meant of course that there were many Elders, and that some of them were always "on call." The Elders had no real personality as far as Yuri could detect, no real voice in the...
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