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People were being questioned rowans truck driver was

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Unformatted text preview: " He pushed the pallid cup away. The woman laid down rolls for them to eat, sweet-smelling, iced and sticky. Yuri wasn't hungry. He had eaten something wholly unappetizing and very filling on the plane. "You said they found Rowan Mayfair," said Yuri, staring at the rolls, and thinking how sticky they would be if he touched them. "You mentioned a hospital." Stolov nodded. He drank his pale amber-colored coffee. He looked up with those peculiar soft light eyes. The absence of any color made them look vacant and then suddenly unaccountably aggressive. Yuri couldn't figure why. "Aaron is angry with us," said Stolov. "He is not being cooperative. On Christmas Day something happened with the Mayfair family. He believes that if he had been present, he could have helped Rowan Mayfair. He blames us that he did not go to Rowan. He's wrong. He would have died. That is what would have happened. Aaron is old. His investigations have seldom if ever involved this sort of direct danger." "That wasn't my i...
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