Anne Rice - v1, Lasher

Pierce and ryan and mandrake and shelby were all here

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Unformatted text preview: peaking in the same low thoughtful voice as before. He looked up at Mona. "I was playing the Victrola. Julien's Victrola. And then the nurse said, perhaps she didn't like that sound. It's scratchy, it's . . . special. You would have to like it, wouldn't you?" "The nurse probably didn't like it," said Mona. "You want me to put on a record? If you want, I can get your radio from the library downstairs. I saw it, yesterday, in there, by your chair." "No, that's all right. Can you come here and sit for a little while? I'm glad to see you. You know I saw Julien." Pierce stiffened. In the corner, another Mayfair, was his name Hamilton, glanced suddenly at Michael and then away. Lily's eyes opened and veered to the left to fix upon Michael. Magdalene went on with her rosary, eyes taking in all of them slowly, and then returning to Michael as he went on. It was as if Michael had forgotten they were there. Or he didn't give a damn anymore. "I saw him,"...
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