Anne Rice - v1, Lasher

Plastic the transparent door was screen and plastic

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Unformatted text preview: grew quiet, and listened to them chatter over me. "The girl doesn't see the future any more than anyone else," de- clared Mary Beth. She sat down beside me. "Carlotta went there wish- ing to be upheld, that we were cursed, we were all doomed. It is her song and dance." "She sees probabilities as we all do," said Stella with a melodramatic sigh. "She has strong presentiments." "And what happened?" "Carlotta went up into the attic, to visit Evelyn. She went more than once. She played to the girl, drew her out, and then the girl, who almost never speaks, or does not for years on end, declared some terri- ble prediction." "Which was what?" "That we should all perish from the earth," said Stella, "afflicted by him who had raised us and upheld us." I lifted my head. I looked at Mary Beth. "Julien, there is nothing in it." "Is this why you burned my books? Is that why you destroyed all the knowledge I had gathered?" "Julien, Julien," she said. "You are old and...
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