Anne Rice - v1, Lasher

Please embrace me man to man if you will and tell me

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Unformatted text preview: an to feel its power in a way; to learn from little things how to enhance it-that if I held the cup myself for the sick one he would fare better from the drink of water than if I let this be done by someone else. During these early years another form of knowledge came to me: that many of my brothers in the Order did not keep the vow of chastity. Indeed, they had mistresses or went into the legal brothels in Florence, or bedded down with each other under cover of the dark. In fact, I myself was noticing beautiful boys and girls all the time, and feeling desire for them, and waking sometimes in the night with sensuous dreams. I had been fully grown by the time I reached Italy, with dark hair around the genitals and under my arms. I had always been as other men in these respects. I remembered the words of the Franciscan in Donnelaith. "You must never touch the flesh of a woman." I thought about this a great deal. Of course I'd come to realize that coupling led men and women to create children. And I...
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