Anne Rice - v1, Lasher

Poor fool she thought and stella had hoped to escape

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Unformatted text preview: s green. She had to cross. And off she went as rapidly as she could, skirting the raised strip of concrete that divided the street, because stepping up and stepping down would be needlessly hard for her. She was too slow for the light of course, that had been true twenty years ago, when she still made this walk all the time to pass the First Street house and look at poor Deirdre. All the young ones of that generation doomed, she thought-sacri- ficed, as it were, to the viciousness and stupidity of Carlotta Mayfair. Carlotta Mayfair drugged and killed her niece Deirdre. But why think of it now? It seemed Ancient Evelyn was plagued with a thousand confusing thoughts. Cortland, Julien's beloved son, dead from a fall down the steps- that was all Carlotta's fault, too, wasn't it? They'd brought him into Touro only two blocks away. Ancient Evelyn had been sitting on the porch. She could see the top of the brick walls of the hospital from her very chair, and what a shock it had been to learn that Cortland had died there, on...
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