Anne Rice - v1, Lasher

Remember dr mayfair might be listening she nodded

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Unformatted text preview: could access this material except Mona herself. When she got home, she'd transfer via modem. But for now, she couldn't leave here. This is where she belonged. She had been here since last night. She was writing down everything she had seen, heard, felt, thought. Meantime every room in the vast complex of offices was occupied, busy soft voices speaking steadily and in conflict with each other, into different phones, behind partially open doors. Couriers came and went. It was quiet, without panic. Ryan was behind his desk in the large office, as they called it, with Randall, and Anne Marie. Lauren was down the hall. Sam Mayfair and two of the Grady Mayfairs from New York were in the conference rooms using all three phones. Somewhere, Liz Mayfair and Cecilia Mayfair made their calls. The family secretar- ies, Connie, Josephine and Louise Mayfair, were working in another conference room. Faxes kept rolling in on every machine in the place. Pierce was here with Mona, letting her have the big machine, o...
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