Anne Rice - v1, Lasher

Rowan was specific she wanted them tested in secret

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Unformatted text preview: ent upstairs and quietly placed a long-distance call to Aaron. "The Elders have told me not to talk to you directly any longer," he said. Aaron was astounded. "I'm coming," said Yuri. "This might mean expulsion," said Aaron. "We'll see. I will be in New Orleans as soon as I can." Yuri made his plane arrangements, packed his bags and went down to wait for the car. Anton Marcus came down to see him, disheveled, in his dark blue robe and leather slippers, obviously just awakened from sleep. "You can't go, Yuri," he said. "This investigation is becoming more dangerous by the moment. Aaron doesn't understand it." He took Yuri into his office. "Our world has its own timekeeper," said Anton gently. "We are like the Vatican if you will. A century or two-that is not long to us. We have watched the Mayfair Witches for many centuries." "I know." "Now something has happened which we feared and could not prevent. It presents immense...
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