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Ryan took the chair at the head of the table he was a

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Unformatted text preview: d Pierce to trust to "nature," whatever that might truly be. Pierce's sisters did not have the extra- long double helix. They had extra genes, but it simply wasn't the same. Ryan and Gifford, both with extra genes, had failed to produce a monster. Michael had had lovers. Yes, and if years ago his girlfriend hadn't chosen an abortion against his heartfelt wishes, he might have had a normal child. Forensic analysis of Deirdre's genetic blueprint had also indicated she did not possess the extra chromosomes, yet she had given birth to 455 a child who did. Still, should those who carried the extra package court disaster? "Look, that thing came through on Christmas. Rowan and I didn't make it. We just created a fetus, and the thing took it out of God's hands. It didn't grow out of control in Rowan's body. It didn't make her abort. Not until that thing went into it." God's hands. How odd of him to have used the word God. But the longer he stayed in this house, the longer he stayed in New Orleans, and there was no reason to presum...
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