Anne Rice - v1, Lasher

Samuel larkin and you say you are samuel larkin and

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Unformatted text preview: so am I." "Is that so? Are you telling me then that all our cousins, all our ilk, all our descendants . . ." "Yes, all blessed, the most powerful in the earth. Blessed. Look what I have done in your time. I can do more, much more, and when I am come into the flesh again, for true, I will be one of you!" "Promise me this," I said. "Vow it." "You shall all be upheld. All of you." I closed my eyes. I saw the glen, the Cathedral, the candles, the villagers in procession, the Christ Child. The fiend screamed in pain. Not a sound anywhere. Only the dull street, the cafe, the door open, the breeze, but the demon was shrieking in pain and only I, Julien Mayfair, could hear it. Could the child Mary Beth hear it? The fiend was gone. All around me the flat natural world lay undis- turbed anymore and beautifully ordinary. I got up, put on my hat, picked up my stick, walked across Canal Street into the American District and on to a nearby rectory. I don't even know the church. It was some new...
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