Anne Rice - v1, Lasher

Sculpted ridges for his sleek black eyebrows fine

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Unformatted text preview: ore the time of my Mayfair beauties and their fragile nurture. And must rely as men do upon my chroni- cles-those words I wrote in haste, as the veil thickened, as the flesh tightened, robbing me of a ghost's perspective which might have seen me triumph all the quicker and all the easier than I shall do. "Gifford. I myself recorded the name Gifford. Gifford Mayfair- Gifford, the granddaughter of Julien. Gifford came to First Street. Gifford is one who saw Lasher, don't I speak the truth?" At the sound of the name, she stiffened. And the rest of his words, going on and on like a song, were barely intelligible to her. "Yes, I paid the price of every mewling babe, but only to recover a more precious destiny, and for you a more precious and tragic love." He looked Christlike as he spoke, as Diirer had in the painting, deliberately perhaps, nodding just a little for emphasis, fingers pressed together in a steeple for a fleeting moment and then released to appeal to the open ai...
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