Anne Rice - v1, Lasher

She came to him and turned her back for him to tie

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Unformatted text preview: the cheek as they proceeded to the door. "I'll wait for you." Randall had risen to go. Two young Mayfairs in the dining room drifted into the hall. The good-byes were protracted, full of heartfelt words, and sudden sobs of grief, and confessions of love for Gifford, poor beautiful Gifford, kind and generous Gifford. Bea turned back, and rushed to embrace Michael and Mona with both arms, kissed them both, and then went down the hall, tearing herself away obviously. There was an intimacy in the way she took Aaron's arm, in the way he guided her down the steps. Randall went out the gate before them. Then they were all gone. Mona stood waving in the keyhole door, looking thoroughly incongruous now in the childish dress with its sash, though the white ribbon in her hair seemed an essential part of her. She turned around, and looked at Michael. She banged the door shut behind her. "Where's my Aunt Viv?" Michael asked. "She can't save you, big boy," Mona said. "She's out in Metairie comfo...
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