Anne Rice - v1, Lasher

She couldnt remember the last time she had spoken to

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Unformatted text preview: the gun. You understand?" He loaded it there, in the shadowy little store with Stolov watching. He put the rest of the bullets into his pockets, divided up in little handfuls, heavy, loose. As they stepped into the sunlight, Stolov said: "You think it's a simple matter of shooting this thing?" "No. You are going to stop it, remember? We are going home, Aaron and I. But we are in danger. You said so. Terrible danger. And now I have my gun." He gestured to the car. "After you." "You must not do anything stupid or foolish," said the other man. It wasn't anger this time, just apprehension. He laid his hand on Yuri's hand. Yuri looked down. He thought how pale was the skin of this Norwegian, and how dark was his own. "Like what?" "Like try to shoot it, that's what." The man was exasperated. "The Order has a right," he said, "to finer devotion than this." "Hmmm. I understand. Don't worry about it. As we say all over the world where English...
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