Anne Rice - v1, Lasher

She described at his request all the living mayfairs

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Unformatted text preview: , no, absolutely not." In various clinics, talking authoritatively, and wearing the de ri- gueur white coat, she drew vials and vials of his blood while he com- plained, and those around her never realized that she did not belong in the large laboratory, was not working on some special assignment. In one place she managed to analyze the blood specimens for hours beneath the microscope, and record her findings. But she did not have the chemicals and equipment she needed. All this was crude, simplistic. She was frustrated. She wanted to scream. If only she was at the Keplinger Institute! If such a thing were possible, to go back with him to San Francisco, to gain access to that genetic laboratory! Oh, but how could they do it? One night.^he got up thoughtlessly to go down to the lobby and buy a pack of cigarettes. He caught her at the top of the stairs. "Don't hit me," she said. She felt rage, a rage as deep and terrible as she had ever known, the kind of rage which in the pa...
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