Anne Rice - v1, Lasher

She did look years older now but that was as much on

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Unformatted text preview: wounded old soul and pride needed it most, and when I was most unsure of it. It came gusting over the garden and up the porch, forcing back the door with a powerful clatter. "Thank you, spirit," I whispered. "That you have saved face for me." / love you, Julien. But it is my -wish you leave this house and all those in it. "That I cannot do," I said. I entered the house, a long cool dark hallway, lying between rows of doors, with Stella scampering on the boards beside me. The old men came behind, screaming to rouse the women, and out of the long row of doors came numerous Mayfairs-a regular Parliament of Fowls-screeching and screaming. Behind me the wind lashed the oaks. A great scattering of leaves gusted down the hallway before me. Some of these faces I had seen; all I knew in one fashion or another. As the others peeped out, Tobias sought again to stop me. "Get out of my way," I said and planted myself at the foot of the dark oak stairs and then began to climb them. It was a...
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