Anne Rice - v1, Lasher

She had always liked the riverside as they called it

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Unformatted text preview: s had taken the cataracts from her eyes. And now she saw so well it astonished people. That is, when she told them what she saw, which she didn't often do. Ancient Evelyn knew perfectly well that talking made little differ- ence. Ancient Evelyn didn't talk for years on end. People took it in stride. People did what they wanted. No one would let Ancient Evelyn tell Mona her stories anyway, and Ancient Evelyn had deepened into her memories of the early times, and she did not always need anymore to examine or explain them. What good had it done besides to tell Alicia and Gifford her tales? What had their lives been? And Gifford's life was over! It seemed astonishing again that Gifford could be dead. Completely dead. Yes, Alicia will go mad, she thought, but then so will Mona. And so will I when I really know. Ancient Evelyn went into Alicia's room. Alicia slept, curled up like a child. In the night, she'd gotten up and drunk half a flask of whiskey down as if it were medicine. That sort of drinking could kill you. Alicia should have died,...
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