Anne Rice - v1, Lasher

She had begun to scream she was terrified no no julien

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Unformatted text preview: wasn't sure this was true, but I didn't want her flinging curses at me. First she had betrayed me with Darcy and then with Lasher him- self, and she was the witch, and all my life I had shielded her. "You don't know what you command," I said, "I've saved you from it." She was horrified and tearful and sad, but she was also resolved to marry Darcy Monahan. "You don't need to save me anymore," she said. "I shall marry with the emerald around my neck as our family laws require, but I marry in God's house before His altar, and my children shall be baptized at His font, and they shall turn their back on evil." I shrugged. We had always married at a Catholic altar, had we not? We were all baptized. What was this? But I said nothing to her. My mother and I set out to turn her away from Darcy. But there was no doing it. Indeed, she was ready to renounce the legacy for this Irish fool, or so she told everyone. The cousins came to me en masse. What will happen? What is the law? Will we lose our good fortune? And then it was clear how much they kn...
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