Anne Rice - v1, Lasher

She had blotted the truth from her mind she thought

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Unformatted text preview: ew of the dark secret furnace of evil which fueled the entire enterprise and how willing they were to go along with it. But it was Lasher who gave the bride away. "Let her marry the Celt," he said. "Your father had the Irish blood, and in it rode the witches' gifts which have ridden in such blood for centuries. The Irish, the Scots, they are gifted with second sight. Your father's blood made you strong. Let us see what this Irishman can do with your sister." But you know the story. Katherine lost two babies, both boys; then had by Darcy two sons. Then despite her prayers, her Masses, her rosaries and her priests, she lost one baby after another. As the Civil War raged, as the city fell, as fortunes were destroyed overnight, as Yankee troops went through our streets, she reared her boys in the First Street house, among American friends and traitors. Katherine thought she had left the family curse behind. Indeed, she had given back the emerald on her wedding day. The famil...
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