Anne Rice - v1, Lasher

She limped out of the bathroom and into the bedroom

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Unformatted text preview: ith his own ability to make melodies with it. He didn't dare buy a radio. It would get its hands around his throat. Again, at the institute, she managed a white coat, a chart, a pencil, the things she needed, forms from a raft of desktop pockets, yellow, pink, blue slips for various tests, and began to fill out the bogus orders. She was at one minute his doctor, at another the technician, and whenever questioned, he rattled away like a celebrity in hiding. In the midst of it all, she managed to fill out a long note on one of the triplicate forms, addressed to the concierge at the hotel, instructing him to arrange for a medical shipment. The address Samuel Larkin, M.D., University Hospital, San Francisco, California. She would make available the material as soon as she could. The concierge was to charge her account for overnight delivery, heat-sensitive medical material. When they returned to the hotel room, she picked up a lamp and struck him. He reeled and then fell down, blood spattering from his...
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