Anne Rice - v1, Lasher

She looked so small and so frail she looked like my

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Unformatted text preview: ften hovered about my armoires, causing my coats to stir in the wind as he touched them. The thing was taking me as some sort of interesting model. Whereas Marguerite now kept to her mad laboratory night and day, I went forth into the city. And with me the fiend went, observing everything. And I felt great power to have it at my side, my secret confidant, my supernatural eye, my guardian. And now when Marguerite and I did hide from it beneath music, it appeared and danced, as it had once appeared to Marie Claudette. That is, our shutting it out made it show its strength, and in dandified clothes, it put on a show, distracting us as we distracted it, flinging itself into the melody. If there was anyone at Riverbend who had not seen this fiend in material form for at least thirty seconds, that person was either blind or crazy. Michael, I could tell you so much! But it is not the story of my life that matters. Suffice it to say I lived as few men ever have, learning what I wanted, and doing what I wanted, and enjoying all manner of pleasure. And the f...
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